Chief Priest of Sri Abhirami Amirthakadeshwarar Temple Devasthanam


We, Direct from the Gurukkal family, The chief Priest of 8th Generation from World Famous Thirukadaiyur Sri Abhirami Amirthakadeshwarar Temple Devasthanam.

T.R Viswanatha Gurukkal & Sons

We are experts in Hindu customs and have a team of famous priests (pundits) to perform all the rituals associated with Shastiapthapoorthi and other Homams for several Occasions. We are known for our friendly and professional staff and have received several awards for our divinity and quality service

The Markadeyar dilapidated temple has been renovated and shaped out by the strenuous efforts of Thiru Dr.T.R.Viswanatha Gurukkal.

The newly reviewed Markandeya temple at T .Manalmedu has also got all the modern facilities and now this temple has been looked after by the Thiru.Dr.T.R.Viswanatha Gurukkal and his sons....

T R Viswanatha Gurukkal & Kamalambal Viswanatha Gurukkal at their Shastiapthapoorthi Function


Priest of Thirukadaiyur Temple, Since 1984

As we are a well known orthodox Gurukkal family of Thirukadaiyur, I'm the Eight Generation in the hirerachy and started to follow my fathers foot prints on all the poojas and homams as per the vedic rules and Regulations.

I used to do accompany my father Dr.Viswanatha gurukkal at the Early statges and later I carried over the responsibilities of my father and doing it still as a my main course of work.

I specialised in all kinds Shanthi Parihara Homams as Shastiapthapoorthi, BheemarathaShanthi , Sadhabshiekam and Other Ayush Homams.
As we know the difficulties of Devotees from the childhood, We designed the function in a set of Package to save the Precious Time and Hard earned Money along with the Vedic rules and Regulations and the its Standards.
Our Package may be little bit vary from Others but it'll definetly bears the Quality for that and it completely lean upon the rules and regulations of the Vedic saastra. We never compromise saastra's sayings for the sake of doing.
Through this Ayul Shanthi Parihara Homams , My intention is to serve the people and guide the devotees who comes to me for doing the Poojas and Homams and I'm so for performing this in a Service motive and by Gods Abirami Amirthakadeswarar grace , I hope , I'll continue this....till my last Breath.

I also thanks for My Whole team , who cooperates with me in all the circimstances. As human Error is Unavoidable, I also tries to Overcome it at the max in all.

Chitra Masam Yama Samhara Festival by Temple Priest Ramalinga Gurukkal

Consecration Ceremony of First Ever Hindu Temple in Rwanda, East Africa by Temple Priest Ramalinga Gurukkal

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Last But Not Least. The Importance of the Shastiapthapoorthi.

I sincerely, need to say its as my Duties. I request Each and Every Earning Son and/or Daughter to perform a Shanthi Parihara Homam, especially Shastiapthapoorthi, atleast. Its really a Good thing for your parents and Family members.You won't get the second chance to do good things one and only for Your Parents, I personally Come across many People need to do for their Parents, but they are not affodable, not Financially sound to bear the cost atleast, and many people financially sound but they don't have their valuable Parents with them now to perform. So, please don't come across that platform and perform as simple as atleast. please feel free to contact me at :-

Brokers & Mediators are making this Divine Service as Commercial.
Please Contact Us ( TRV Ramalinga Gurukkal ) Directly @ +91 948 948 321 4